Company History and Philosophy

For the past five years Ian Osborn, founder of Wild Ideas Light Company, has been the creative influence behind a number of LED lighting products.  The products are based ont he Voltage Direct Current (VDC) electrical system.  He has taken basic lighting concepts and created new applications that combine cross-industry approaches to today's lighting needs.  His designs use LEDs manufactured by others, custom-designed circuit boards, and other standard and custom parts for creating the finished products.  Wild Ideas Light Company has arrangements with a number of Colorado manufacturers for the assembly and production of specific products.  A major product recently passed UL and CA certification for release in the United States and Canada.

Wild Ideas Light Company employs a small team of extremely talented individuals, some of whom have worked with the company for several years.  Ian has worked in both managerial and technical capacities.  During that time he worked with laser technologies, fiber optics, and LEDs. In addition, he has designed and installed various electronic and fiber optics solutions to meet customer needs.  Other members of the team have extensive business, design, and computer skills, all of which are invaluable to the company.

Wild Ideas Light Company has taken the approach of contracting with specialists when the need arises rather than have them on staff. Other specific skills are obtained from a pool of companies and individuals with appropriate backgrounds. Business arrangements exist with a number of specialists including: manufacturing, circuit-board design, legal council, patent attorney, tax accountant and web design.