Savings calculator

Wild Ideas Savings Calculator

Modify the form below to see how much you can save by switching to Wild Ideas LEDs.

Number of LightsRun hours/dayCurrent bulb life
Enter the number of lights for this calculation.
Enter how many hours in a day.
Choose the life span of the selected bulb.
Model of lightLight bulb costWild Ideas LED cost
Choose the syle and size of lights you are currently using. If there is not an exact match choose the closest in size and style.
Specify the cost of the selected bulb.
Calculator will automatically select the right Wild Ideas LED. Please enter the price the salesperson quoted for the light.
Energy costLabor and equipment costTransformer cost
Specify the energy cost in kilowatts per hour.
Enter the cost of replacing your existing light bulb.
Enter the cost of replacing your existing tranformer/ballast.