Mini Series

SKU: Big Guy

Fully dimmable, ultra-bright, small LED draws less than 350 mili-amps and can be daisy-chained.

Each light comes with Bezel Holder.

LED LIGHT COLOR / QUALITY:  Cool 5500K  on the Kelvin temperature scale with a life-expectancy of 75,000 to 100,000 hours.

MOUNTING:  Fits inside 1" diameter hole of 5/4" depth with extra room for wire routing.

BEZEL HOLDER MATERIAL:  High-impact polycarbonate.

BEZEL SHAPES AVAILABLE:  Round or square eye lid and round or square flush mount.

BEZEL COLORS AVAILABLE:  Black or white.  Custom colors are available in quantities of 1,000.

WATTAGE:  LED 1.25 watt

POWER:  12-volt D.C. 


HOUSING:  One (1) inch

EQUIVALENT:  20 watt incandescent bulb

USA Made in Colorado
Patent Pending