August 2009

2009 Colorado Science and Engineering Fair


Located at Lory Student center at CSU
As part of the Inventor’s Round Table Ian judged science projects / inventions created by middle school through high school students who have competed and won the right to represent their regional science fair. The purpose of judging was to determine those projects most likely to be successful in the market place. Criteria included: most practical use of household items, most unique & novel changes to an existing product, creativity applied to new designs for the market place.

2009 Channel 9 Gadget Wednesday with Gregg Moss

The solar tube LED light pack “Lighting The Night” product was demonstrated. This product is solar powered, fits in solar tube and provides up to 200 lumen of light for up to 20 hours. The product is designed to supplement the light from a solar tube making it viable for nighttime use. It has the potential of bringing light to 3rd world countries where electricity is nonexistent or sporadic at best.